Brief MarkZ Update Thursday Night – Testing YouTube channel

MarkZ:  I was just talking with Fleming and comparing notes which is a rare thing. We pretty much have the same timing.

We are told 800 numbers are fair game from this evening to tomorrow early in the day…

We have a lot to watch for overnight tonight

One of the big humanitarian groups are bringing people in starting on Monday.

Mr. Cottrell as of 6 or so tonight had not been paid but….based on my treasury contacts I really don’t expect him to go until early tomorrow morning or sometime before the banking day starts.

The news has absolutely been fantastic throughout the day and does appear to be winding down to completion.

We even had a Fox News contributor do a short piece on the “Impending Global Currency Reset” that Mr. Trump has been pushing for. We made mainstream news guys.

As far as CMKX deliveries I am hearing West coast is fair game for deliveries tonight but I am not expecting most until tomorrow early in the day.  There has been a whole lot of activity today guys.

There will be no sleep tonight

Yes Mr. C can be paid before tomorrows stream starts.

This was just a short update to make sure youtube was working……So we will talk about everything in the morning.  10AM est. Twitch, Periscope and Youtube.


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