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Tuesday Update – Some highlights by PDK – Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ:I spent a lot of time talking to folks last night but there was very little news

MZ: Redemption Center folks  are there today….they expect to work all weekend but will not be working on Thursday

MZ: I am hearing there was a Bank issue getting it out the door last night but that they are still working to get it done today

MZ: What I am hearing n Zurich and Hong Kong that they are still at the trough waiting….and that it is  due out the door any moment

MZ: We heard that Reno moved some Ministry groups..the Tier 3 groups with expectations of today still

Q:  did issac ever get paid?

MZ: In Zurich, Issac not been paid yet but he is still waiting with great expectation

MZ: It seems we are still in the waiting room watching the Dr. keep coming out telling us its 5 centimeters. 6 centimeters…ect…..waiting for this kid to be born

Member: Big news from Indonesia….Centrals bank of Indonesia been off for a whole day.

MZ: That is big news…..there are also bank runs in Saudi Arabia, more bank runs overnight in China….things are coming apart

Q: anything new on the Zim? Is it still going to be worth something?

MZ: I hear the Zim is still very much in play and will definently be a part of this…..Iranian Rial is also still  in play…hearing positive stuff for sure

Member:  Looks like Zim may get a change of govt soon. Headlines indicated Pres may have been getting ready to depart.

Q:  Omegas and farm claims?

MZ: I have not heard any news on those…..but I Did hear about Freedom Prosperity pkgs…..that they are doing updates on them ..

Q:  Any news from Iraq source?

MZ:  No….Iraq went quiet yesterday evening

Member:  Kurds going to Baghdad to finalize agreements for the zillionth time this coming Sunday.

Member:  Did anyone listen to the conference call with FRANK26 at 7pm last night…..he was supposed to make a big announcement

Member: Frank cried because he has been in this for 16 years and finally crossed the room to the other side or end. Consider it tears of joy because to this point it has been IMO.. but like he said, he doesn’t have to say it is in his opinion any longer the end is here.

Member:  not promoting F26…..he put out one of his FF report and their intel was saying the protesters where cheering and not upset…

Q:  please explain why Okie is so reverred. Just wondering. I remember years ago that Okie kept landing a plane, but never knew why he was so important.

MZ: Please say an extra special prayer for Okie today…… Okie was the only one years ago in the old dinar chatrooms to create a community in this…….He helped to draw people together…..He has been through so much on this journey…. That we are all still here we can thank Okie…….Most of you guys would not be here without Okie….If anyone deserves to announce this RV it is Okie……

Member:  OKIE is a personal friend of some of the AOP (Authors of the plan) too. He was VP at Haliburton that’s why he was called Okie the oil man.

Member:  I do remember Okie well back in those days of conference calls and wish him well and also hope he can make that announcement we’ve all been waiting for..

Member:  Okie update, this is coming out of TnT;s camp, he said he talked to Okie and he can hardly speak. He was leaving the hospital to return home to handle his business and would most likely be meeting with hospice in the very near future…..

Member:  Oh…..forgot….I was in a Little Caesars last night picking up some breadsticks. The guy who gave me my order has been in this country for 4 yrs. He was a Iraqi Kurd. I said, “You know your currency is about to revalue” and he just smiled and nodded a little. Either he didn’t understand me or he knows something too….LOL

MZ: I think he knows….I think they all know….lol

Member:  Deutsche Bank’s stock closed yesterday at $7.38 – that’s down from $120 in 2007 befre the crash

Member:  I saw yesterday, information that Deutsche Bank has INDEED fallen into bankruptcy. I thought this would cause a world wide collapse.

Member:  Trying to decide what to have on my tombstone: It’s either “This was not my idea” or” RV is happening tomorrow”

MZ: Heard from my people in Germany and EU.. and DB has indeed gone into protective bankruptcy…They are just trying to keep things together until the reset.

MZ:  The next scheduled call is Wed. morning at 10am est.   if anything big happens in before that  I will come do another stream . There will be no stream on Thanksgiving day.

MZ: We need to think of what we are thankful for this week as we have big expectations of our exchange this week



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MZ: Video on PP’s and Farm claims:

Mod:  Dr Shabibi answering questions

MZ: Watch the Video “The end of the road” by Monkey films on Amazon Prime….End of the Road:

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