In Dinar Guru Updates, MarkZ

Yesterday I told you I was looking for the reset in Mid-May. I may have to revise that estimate for sooner. There are a number of emergency meetings being called as we speak. I am expecting a lot of shaking of the trees today as they try to speed things up.  Oil went negative yesterday. A 305% drop in the value of oil. It took a dive right out of the gate and futures were exploding. This happened much sooner than I thought it would…things are coming together quicker that I thought they would. Everybody right now is in scramble mode to figure out how to speed up the roll out of this.  I am having to change my expected time as to when we could revalue now. Sooner than May 15th. Banking sources still say RV at anytime. Government sources were saying by May 15th…..but after yesterday…all bets are off.