MarkZ Thursday Evening News with MarkZ 5-18-2023

Thursday Evening News with MarkZ 05/18/2023


Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim


MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions


Member: Good evening Mark, Mods & everyone !


Member: What are the 3 floats Nader was talking about?


Member: MARK when do you think the float will be truly happening on forex?


MZ: Nader had another drop…..he explains about  what he means about the float. We have the official rate –in reality the buy and sell is floating. He hits another point about digital transactions….All digital transactions were halted in Iraq today. This is very important.


MZ: We were told all along that we would see a closing of the Iraqi financial border. We also hear there may be a temporary travel ban to keep people from coming and going for a short bit if they go ahead of the rest of the world.


MZ: I do find this interesting that no electronic financial transaction s are currently happening in Iraq. They said it might be back within 2-3 days. Could it be they have put the timing in their crosshairs for this weekend? It would make sense.


MZ: “Central Bank disables all electronic payment cards” This is very curious timing to me.


Member: Frank. 26 said this afternoon Iraq has suspended all electronic cards for two days and they read the budget law on Saturday, so Saturday may be our day.


Member: Iraq has 3.5 million homes to be built….. each home costing 1.0 million. the change is here RV started…imo


MZ: They are preparing for a massive construction boom and a massive building wave to occur.Now if nobody can afford this because the average income is only a few grand a year…How are people going to buying these houses??  I think they are preparing and they know….


MZ: “Ahead of joining BRICS, Iraq  issues ban on US dollar transactions”  To me Iraq is telling us they are going- with or without the rest of the world….and they are prepared for either way. Iraq has thrown the dice on who they think is going to win the war of the resets…..and I agree with them.


MZ: One reset believes in backing money with commodities  and that all ships rise with the tide….the other reset believes that only the elite should have assets and the rest of us “mouth breathers should be controlled by the slave owners….and you and I are the slaves. But we are winning.


Member: This is awesome news that Iraq is joining BRICS…..wish we all


MZ: Iraq has hitched its star to the BRICS train.


Member: RV happens. Problem is will it be with fiat or asset backed.


Member: This is 2 giant trains speeding towards only one tunnel.


MZ: Biden made a comment today about freezing  of U.S. bank withdrawals amid the decline in M2 money supply. I am so surprised this has not caused a massive bank run to start today. I’m surprised everybody in the world isn’t going  to banks to take out all the cash they can. This is very interesting. Is it getting ready to hit the fan or what????


Member: ATM no cash available here today except for one? Three Wells Fargo banks in the area too


MZ: “Fitch downgrades Pacwest debt to junk status after deposit flight exceeds peers. Pacwest Bank is now junk.


Member: Where will Canadians go to exchange after the RV?


MZ: You will find out just the way we do…..I hear HSBC, Scotia Bank  and RBC (Royal Bank of Canada ) Are the ones handling that. It should work the same all around the world I have been told repeatedly.


Member: Mark is it possible we default first … Buh bye debts etc. RV to follow , bam we convert , then…. Double bam .. Treasury converts their trillions in IQD to USTN and voila … US debt free, has trillions


Member: Anything new on bonds?


MZ: I am unable to contact the two I know that were expecting dollars today. My calls go straight to voicemail ….I don’t know what to tell you on bonds.


MZ: Bankers are prepared for it to go anywhere from this evening to Monday morning. They are very excited.


Member: Mark – who has the final authority to green light the start of the RV and start exchanges?


Member: We  have heard it’s the Chinese elders pulling the trigger…or UST…or Iraqis CBI……pick one.  No one seems to know.


Member: I am new – what is a RV?


MZ: It stands for Revaluation. Where countries adjust their currencies when debt becomes untenable. It has happened many times throughout history.  We have been looking for it a couple years now and it appears we are on the cusp.


Member: we all have waited so long we won’t really believe it when it happens


Member: I still have a bottle of champagne chilled and ready to go.


Member: Good night everyone….Dream BIG


Member: Mark, you are doing an incredible job. Thanks for all the great content.


Note from PDK: Please listen to the replay for all the details and entire stream….I do not transcribe political opinions, medical opinions or many guests on this stream……just RV/currency related topics.






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