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Astorjack :  Sorry about the caps, that’s the way it came in “THE ANNOUNCEMENT BY ABADI TODAY WAS THE ACTIVATION OF THE ECONOMIC REFORM NOW”

mangelo :  astorjack BINGO!!!!!

MountainMole:  Albadi believes that the RV will assist his country. Believing without action is lifeless. Believe and push the button. Tony says nothing wrong with the Try. Try it you’ll like it.

The leading countries are of course Iraq, China, US, England. I agree too much has been done. Many call it done, it is just a very slow rollout .

Pearle: We are probably the reason for the slow rollout, we were not a part of the plan…they don’t care if we have the money or not…but everyone will be affected, it has to be done with that thought…jmo

SassyD :  IMF: Abadi will adjust the budget and reforms being to adjust the fina​ncial performance — November 14 .2015 — Link