From Iraq…The word from bankers is they are expecting the new rates to show late this evening…so afternoon for us here. My guy in Iraq said no new rates yet…Expecting a rate tonight for them…IMO Rates are…what I am hearing and what makes sense…street rate around the mid 4’s for the dinar .maybe $6 – $7 in the US…dong  2.00 to 2.25. I still believe we will have no No tax on our exchange…currency is usually not taxed…It is covered in a tax treaty is what we have been told. [Always check with your tax professional]

Expecting 800#’s tonight or early tomorrow. I feel really solid about my sources. We are so stinking close…I am definitely excited! I think we will see the 800#’s before the rates on forex…  I could not find the Dinar on the forex, but they do expect it soon…I have a friend …watching it for us…   …hoping to see tremendous progress tonight… expectation for tomorrow but we will see…so many expectations from everywhere…I really feel this weekend we will wake up to a new world.  Today I am at 99.93 %.  I’m excited and so ready to be done. They hid Kuwait for 10 days so we shall see.  If there is any news…I will come in …if not I will see you on Sat.