MarkZ & Michael Cottrell Friday Morning Chat

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Thank you MarkZ for all your time, and encouragement daily….. PDK

MarkZ Friday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions


Member: Another weekend is almost here and the RV isn’t


Member: I can’t believe its Friday already….sigh


Member: Maybe- this is finally the weekend we have been waiting for!


Member: A source says RV imminent. as did Wolverine. Bruce is saying Monday or Tuesday. It’s close….


Member: Happy Friday Mark and all. Hopefully Mr. C has some good news for us all.


MZ:   It was very quiet on the RV front overnight.


MZ: From Zerohedge:  “Futures crater as Fedex ushers in the global recession on $3.2 trillion triple witch day”


MZ: Also “ US yield curve set to invert by most in 40 years, Allspring says”  This is breaking news overnight.  One of things I was told to watch for was the inverted bond market. That was going to be our tell-tale sign that we were moments away from our reset. He is one of the most connected individuals in the entire process that told me this. Inverted the most in a 40 year record is huge.


Member: Mark- we have had inverted yield markets in the past.


MZ: Yes we have but they have not stuck. We are looking for one that “sticks”


MZ: “Turkey wants to join BRICS because its disappointed in NATO and the EU-analysts”  Of course they want to join BRICS…the writing is all over the wall. This is one more feather in the cap of the BRICS Nations.


Member:  Did anyone see Naders new video this morning? Young girl getting money out of ATM…I wonder if they are new Dinar??


MZ: I believe Nader posted this in response to someone saying he said there are lower denoms…new bills in the ATMs…he never said that….There is no new value or new lower denoms out yet… is coming but right now the machines are still spitting out the 25 k notes…….he is showing this in the video. He was saying  this week the $5 dinar is a good sign….but they are still using the old rates and old high denom currency. imo


Member: Nader From The Mid East. HIS CHANNEL .…


Member: Anything new on rates??


Mod:  Estimated: Dong – $2.25-$4.00???, Dinar – $6.00-$11.00???, Zim – .30 (per million) without projects, higher rate with projects only for projects, Indo Rupiah $1.47, Rial – $3.30 ******


Member: Well the 15th has come and gone. Praying we here …things have moved behind the scenes. We are all so ready for the RV, the Dinar and Nesara/Gesara to be implemented!!!


Member:  Tomorrow is the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution…


Member:  Did you know?? Simpson’s had the queen’s death date on their show, death was 911 days after the bug first hit, 17 months after Phillip’s death.


Member: I think the 24th rumors may be something good for us all…while others think if could be a false flag or something….


Member: Wonder if the 24th has to do with the banks, especially Deutsche Bank


MZ: There seems to be a whole lot scheduled for the 24th. Is it coincidence…or not a coincidence?


Member: I wish the Sept 24th news was about the 19th!! A worldwide roundup of criminals at the Queens Funeral would be the thing people will never forget!!!


Member:  Good info regarding the 24th on “His Glory The Great Wealth Transfer 2022” with Bo Polny and Andrew Sorchini of Beverly Hills Gold. Good explanations.


Member: Sept 24th on the Julian calander is Sept 11th!


Member: Sept 24 is the Shemitah…. biblical end of 50 year cycle crashes….very interesting times for sure…


Member: Rash Hashanah is on the 25th.. Jewish New Year! Some believe this is why this Date is important! Blowing The Shofar! God’s Children Hear our Prayers!


Member: EBS on the 24th??? if that is on all TV’s and no other broadcasts available…..everyone will see it and everyone will know what they were doing when all is declassed.


Member: MARK!! Midwest bank waited for money deliveries. Didnt happen…Fed said no deliveries. Bank asked when will deliveries arrive? Fed replied ALL more deliveries of monies?


Member: My Federal Credit Union in Florida is asking members to vote to cancel the Federal Charter and adopt the State Charter….thus ending relations with the Federal Government. Anyone else?


Member: A letter from my credit union says their voting to disconnect from being Federal, and just go state. b4 end of September


Member: I think the military may be gearing up for something…lots of movement all up and down the east coast…..


Member: A trucking friend driving up and down the east coast told me he saw a lot of military vehicles these last days!


Member: Military planes everywhere in northeast Fla. yesterday


Member: Yesterday saw a train filled with military equipment heading toward Ft. Riley KS. Every kind of vehicle you can think about. Also spotted 4 helicopters in formation flying over the train


Member: Will the RV in Canada go before the USA or are they together?


Member: Mark has always said all countries should go together.


Member: if something doesn’t happen by Mid Term, a lot of Patriots will begin to lose faith at the lack of progress provided to the public …Can only wait for so long for the ignorant to awake


Member: I really want to see the EAS start informing sleepers what they refuse to see!! They need to wake up!!!


Member: Let’s pray this whole ‘event’ in. Get the show on the road.


Mr. Cottrell joins the stream at about minute 15:00  Please listen t the replay for his opinions.


Member: Mark, Remember DizzyBear? He always said the countries involved in the Gold Treaty agreed as a value for gold of $ 425.00 so all currency values would be on parity. Do you believe that will happen?


MZ: What do you think Mr. C…you knew DizzyBear…you talked to him


MC: We had many conversations…Personally I think it’s to low. I think its going to be arund $2 grand or $2500….something like that.


MZ: Have you heard from Interpol, Sheila. The Chinese Elders  or someone higher up the chain this week?


MC: I heard from a military source…they are chomping at the bit…ready to rock and roll. They are waiting for something and we are not sure what???


MZ: ‘I think we are waiting for an event. Based on all the chatter it may be between the 19th and the 24th for some kind of world wide events…….there is a crazy amount of chatter.


Member: I hear On the 30th of September there is a payment due by the Us Co, which can not be fulfilled.


Member: Also Oct 1st is the new US fiscal year starting….I would think any big worldwide financia event would have to happen before then…….maybe around the 24th???


Member:  Thanks MarkZ for all your time keeping us positive and looking forward all the time


Member: Thanks Mods, Mark and Mr. C – have a great weekend everyone.


Mod Be blessed everyone.


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