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Member: I certainly hope and pray that this is our week.

Member: Full moon tonight ,the 17th of January. Hmm… the wolf moon …new beginnings

Member: History is about to change as we know it.

Morning MarkZ, Thanks as always for all the latest News & RV Updates. Hopefully with some Positive News regards Bond Movement? We must be close now to OUR Notifications / Exchange.

Member: What happened to the backwall date of Jan 15th?

MZ: Nothing happened to it……there was great progress over the weekend……fun stuff happened…great stuff!

MZ: I got a heads up on Friday that over the weekend groups would have to update their paperwork immediately in case someone had died…who is the next of kin….things like that. Those notices went out en masse over the weekend as they scramble for release of these funds……..this was a last minute development……I am very excited but I am under an NDA on this one and cannot violate it. This involved tier 3.

MZ: No I have not received any dollars yet….but this is very exciting as they are moving forward to actually pay us little folks. . .


MZ: This has been one of the best news weekends I have had since the entire time we have been in this community……


Member: Mark is too happy…. he knows something he can not tell us. cool!


Member: It is nice to know Mark is on an NDA that makes it super close


Member: What notice did you get over the weekend- was it for tier 4a?


MZ:  Notices went out for a group I am involved with to update our information. I got word that a number of other groups also got these notices…..This is exciting …cannot say more and risk violating my NDA.I spoke about this before I have an SKR and signed the NDA a long time ago to not give out details….…… But I have not received any dollars yet.


Member: We’re excited beyond belief Mark. Got that same email!!! Sooo very close you wearing the right t shirt!!!


Member: Mark. So, what exactly does this past weekend mean for 4-b? Think something will happen for us soon? THIS weekend maybe?


Member:  This week is going to be huge!!


MZ: On the Iraqi front. An article came out saying they need to adjust the rate up as it is hurting the poor people at the bottom. They need to adjust the rate before they execute the new budget….


MZ: Also Article” The CBI confirms it will not grant a license for any encrypted crypt currency” This means is someone wants to settle things using crypto currencies….they are not officially licensed to do that. They are not going to license another crypto currency because they have their own which is an asset backed or gold backed  I-Dinar or digital currency. And any paper that they printed like the lower denomination dinar would be backed by the asset/gold backed I-dinar. They talked about the i-dinar very openly for the last couple years.


MZ: A lot of people panicked over the weekend reading these articles which did not translate well …it was a translation issue…..Do not be a “Chicken Little” stay calm.


Member: can you please reiterate what an SKR is? am not sure I have the proper understanding of these.


Member: SKR is a safe keeping receipt meaning contract everything is done it is authenticated accepted deal done waiting to be paid


Member: How about the bond folks?


MZ: They have not been paid yet….they were expecting the release of funds on Saturday and it did not happen. They were told to be back in the office on Monday and now we are waiting to see if anyone has liquid funds.


Member: Rod Steele: Bond Mgrs are expecting Liquidity today Paymasters now have a Payout Schedule & are Staying in Place SO, We Must Be Very CLOSE to Program Deliveries & other Tier 3/4A payouts followed by RV


Member: What does Aggregate Zim mean?


MZ: Lots of folks with currency ect…..aggregated their individual funds into big groups with one paymaster…This is so they would get treated like a whale and be big enough to go with tier 3 when the soveriegns get to go………..There are big church groups, Indian Nation groups….many groups that will go ahead of tier 4. This made it simpler for the PTB to deal with one or two paymasters/attorneys instead of 1-2 thousand individual investors. That’s it it means to “aggregate”


Member: and these groups have already had their foreign currency verified as real, and had background checks done…Most have SKR’s…..some can see the funds in their accounts on “hold” ..all they need is the money to be spendable in their accounts


Member: Lots of military movements around the world


Member: Is the dong still estimated to come in at $2 to $2.30?


MZ: I am still hearing it will be around $2.25-$2.30.


Member:  Estimated: Dong – low to mid $2 (up to $4.00???), Dinar – $6.00 (up to $11.00???), Zim – .30 (per million) without projects, higher rate with projects only for projects, Indo Rupiah $1.47


Member: I am so lost. I have no clue what all this tier talk is about. I am just an average person who bought dinar back early


Member: There are 5 Tiers of folks Exchanging. Tier 1-governments and royalty Tier 2-whales-elite with platforms of currency, corporations, etc. Tier 3-Admirals Group, American Indians, CMKX, large church groups (like the Mormons), etc. Tier 4-all the hundreds of thousands paying attention to intel – internet groups(all of us). Tier 5- those who never paid attn – the general public.


Member: 1-3 are large orgs or those who have had legal settlements a long time ago but never got paid. 4A are the whales, people who have had a lot of curr from years ago. 4B is all of us. 5 is the public.


MZ: 4A have already turned in their currency and it has been verified. 4B still physically hold their currency.


Member: We are tier 4b!!!


Member: Sick of talk….. we need to see some action please


Member: If we wait too long for the RV, Biden’s going to leave us so poor that burglars will break into our houses and leave things!


Member: So where are we exactly??


MZ: IMO we are in the final phase of this….people are crossing t’s and dotting I’s. We have money moving, we have Iraq talking openly about changing the dinar value before the new budget is implemented. We are right on top of this and it is rolling out. This is history in the making…..


Member: Thanks for the great news today Mark……wow…..exciting stuff….Cannot wait for tonight..


Member: Mark, thanks for all you do to keep us informed on all that is going on.




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