MarkZ Thursday Morning Chat

Thank you MarkZ for all your time, and encouragement daily….. PDK


MarkZ Thursday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim


MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions


Member: Welcome to December.


Member: As children always ask, on a car trip: ARE WE THERE YET???,


Member: gm everybody. anybody else a little salty we woke to no notifications?


Member: Salty as the sea……but, the day is just beginning.


MZ: “The Kurdistan region proves its share of next years budget. How much?”  14 % of the budget is going to Kurdistan . This is huge. This is the first time since we have been watching this that they have agreed to HCL/140 . We were told this was key before they announced the rate according to my contacts over there. CBI have been waiting for this I was told…..In print they have agreed to the oil and gas law. All money will get shared as it is supposed to get shared.


Member: So HCL 140 is the hydrocarbon law that shares oil and gas profits with all Iraqi citizens …..very cool…..Kuwait does this as well.


Member: When does iraq’s fiscal year start?


Member: I believe it starts Jan 1st……may be a good time for the new rate to kick in.


Member: Mark, did u hear today is to be a pivotal day? Many seem to think it will be.


MZ: I am still hearing Dec 5th is the day from my bond contacts in Europe and Asia. That is when they expect processing in mass for their bonds to begin…….


MZ: There is still very positive chatter coming out of Reno and Zurich, Miami, Hong Kong and Miami. But nothing specific on timing other than the bond folks.


MZ: Other chatter is a bunch of contacts swear we should get announcements at some point today….. I think that is premature. I hope I am wrong.


MZ: What you need to focus on is things are moving……Redemption center contacts which also work in wealth management are just working and waiting like us.


Member: Why do you think its premature?


MZ: Because I have not seen enough of the bonds move. And I havn’t seen farm claims, CMKX, PP’s, F&P’s and things like that. I think we would see these things start to go within hours of us…..So if we were to get notifications this afternoon…..we should have already have heard from contacts about these things starting . So I think today is a little premature.


Member: if they do a shotgun start….maybe it will all start at once…..hoping, praying and wishing.


MZ: “EAEU looks to establish a common payment system with BRICS”  Eurasian economic union . This would compete with and kick the teeth in on the WEF (World economic forum) Great reset. This is our safety valve. I am excited to watch our safety valve to roll into position. This tells me we will win in the end.


MZ: “Indonisia’s Central Bank to launch digital currency in rupiah. “ I am being told this is one of the good central currencies.


MZ: “Brazil launches law to legalize crypto as a payment method”  Why do I highlight these? These are the countries that joined BRICS and they are making every provision to embrace blockchain technology that is very different from central bank digital currencies…CBDC’s. It’s like comparing an apple to a watermelon.


MZ: Central banks want a digital dollar similar to what they have now….fiat. and they don’t want physical dollars anymore. They want to control you .


Member: BRICS countries are all asset backed already I have heard….including their new digital currencies.


Member: The BRICS backup plan is firmly in place now that represents over half the GDP of the world and that is without Venezuela and other countries like Turkey and Iraq who want to join them . The globalists back is up against the wall…they are dead and just don’t know it yet…….imo. I believe 70-80% of the worlds energy supplies are about to be controlled by BRICS nations……


Member: Mark is the deep state crapping BRICS…lol?


MZ: absolutely. The fiat crash could happen at anytime…..imo. .


Member: What is BRICS?


Member: BRICS is an acronym for five leading emerging economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.


Member: Question Mark, have you been hearing the same things about Dubai 1 and 2 that Judy has reported?


MZ: I don’t know what Judy said but there has been a lot of chatter from mid eastern contacts about the “pending” release of Dubai 1 and 2. I do not believe it has released yet though, based on what I am hearing and seeing.


Member: QUESTION… what are Dubai 1 and Dubai 2 that Simon Parkes talked about? Good Morning All!


Member: Huge pots of funding for the reset……..along with the St. Germaine trust and Rodriguez trusts….


Member: I hear with the reset all countries currencies will be  eventually be 1 to 1


Member: 1 for 1 on all currencies, wow sounds great


Member: its all going 1:1 after the Quantum System is implemented


Member: Has anyone else noticed a change in bank business hours? I looked up Wells Fargo yesterday and most of them are open 3 days during the week for 24 hrs


Member: Dallas was on PPN yesterday and he said the oldest Indian tribe is getting paid off today! Fines and penalties.


Member: Bruce had a lot of high hopes for this week, A lot of interesting things to say, I know we’ve heard most of this so many times, Don’t lose faith Prayers will be answered


Member:  Apparently Bruce stated on his Big Call that today we might be getting some very serious activity! Let’s see what happens


Member: Phil Godlewski had a podcast last night and the Intel he dropped was: Lots of arrests yesterday all over the globe…. Forced arrests


Member: alot of people are posting that we should get redemption appts today, tomorrow????


Member: IMO at this point,’seeing is believing’ the stuff happening in secret has been long enough. bring it out, take it down and FINISH this mess


Member: I wish the disinfo would stop. everybody needs the truth pain and simple


Member: I heard QFS starts AFTER Basel IV. In which it doesn’t start until Jan 1, 2023.


Member: It would be such a blessing to receive the RV before Christmas! Do you think we will?


MZ: I was astounded when we hit December without it….but yes I think we could see it before Christmas.


Member: hope springs eternal.


Andy Schectman joins the stream at the end today. Please listen to the replay for his information and opinions.