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Thank you MarkZ for all your time, and encouragement daily….. PDK


MarkZ Tuesday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim


MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions


Member: good Morning all…..Sure would be a wonderful day to start making appointments!!!


Member: My bags are packed- I’m ready to go….lol


Member: Manifesting song for ya Mark….”So they tell me it’s RV day, well happy RV to ya, may you live, may you love, may all your currency exchaaange….happy RV, happy RV to you!”


MZ: Happy Taco Tuesday, Tequila Tuesday, Terrific Tuesday, Tasty Tuesday …..Hello Everybody.


Member: how about “Mr.C enters the codes Tuesday?”


MZ: I like that one…..


MZ: on the Iraqi front it’s pretty quiet. They are still working on getting the government sat….it is not done yet. Still getting daily drops from the CBI and Kazemi about rate changes. We know we are extremely close.


MZ: Could they be waiting on the US? Could they be waiting on a trigger ? Do we know its imminent?  Yes.


Member:  Heard we are in a 48 hour window???? Your thoughts?????


MZ: Could we be in a 48 hour window? Yes we could. But I am hesitant to pick an exact time as I have been burned so many times. They are doing their best to cloud it…..


Member: Mark Z anything more about Washington tomorrow.


MZ: Still hearing we are supposed to get a lot of disclosure from DC starting  tomorrow. I am feeling strangely upbeat about tomorrow.


Member:  Mark … does Admirals group go b4 us? Have not heard about them in a long time.


MZ: I am being told the entire 4b is now being considered “the internet Group”  or the Wells Fargo Private Group…..I am not worried.


Member:  Wells Fargo was cleaned up by the white hats…imo


Member: What have you heard regarding the exchange rate of the Iranian Rial? Thank You.


MZ: I am told that the Rial should be close to the Dinar rate…..about 75-80% of what the iraqi dinar goes for…….Example: If the dinar goes for $4…expect the rial to be about $3. I am haring it will be in the lower $3 range right now. Iraq and Iran share a number of oil fields so expect the rates to be similar. Just like Iraq and Kuwait.


Member: Why should we exchange at Redemption centers instead of just go to the bank?


Member: privacy and security are 2 good reasons…


Member: because at the redemption centers you get the contract rate rather than the bank rate. It’s like a bonus for stringing us along. LOL


Member: The new rainbow currency has been at my local bank for months . They described the colors of denominations . It’s coming


Member:  I asked my local state bank if they were Basel or Teir bank. She said We are covered by the FDIC lol


Member: Good to remember: Some information is meant for disinformation; some information is old and has been corrected/changed. Your call and the currency you have will determine where you redeem.


Member: how long do we get to redeem our currency, i heard 10 days?


Member: 10 days to make appointments and 30 days to exchange is what I was told.


Member:  Ireland is now having banking problems getting their money.


Member: China just closed their airspace for commercial flights near Taiwan..


Member: What happened to this being imminent?


MZ: I still believe it is imminent…’s right here and playing out.


Member: We’ve been hearing close for months. I really am starting to hate the words close, soon and imminent…..sigh


Member: Any news from Sheila? (CMKX/Currency Contact)


MZ: there is a lot of leaning on us not to share specifics as far as when things are expected…but she is fairly confident this could be our week.


MZ: I am hearing very positive things for this week as well. I still want to get her on to talk about CMKX and its history this week.


Member: We knew as we got closer it would get quieter.


MZ: Absolutely….and we also knew it would be full of disinformation and smoke. They would love you folks to dump your apple cart and leave here at the end….watch out for crazy stories, character assassination’s of people speaking the truth…..anything that could drive a wedge in this community. This is expected……


Member: Heard a crazy story already this morning that Charlie ward is dead and Simon Parkes was arrested and is in Gitmo….wow…..disinformation is all over imo…..


Member: As much a people will be shocked & angry about the lies, I believe they will be even angrier about the movie! It’s time to get this done.


Member:  We need to keep the vibes up. Keep holding on. And use your own discernment. No one is going to have all the correct stuff…if you’re confused and frustrated, so are the bad guys!


Member: Once Nesara goes, people won’t be dirt poor, so less crime. We’re ascending to 5D, the world the Cabal have kept us from. Bad people with low vibrations will stay in this 3D world. Love & light.


Member: ohh i will be so glad when they all get rounded up and get arrested


Member:  lets just get this thing across the finish line


Member: It is interesting that he SUNNI festival for Ashua which is for The Celebration of Moses Parting the Red Sea starts on 8/8 and lasts for 10 days.


Member: The Greatest Wealth transfer in history to “We The People.” Jubilee


Member:  When Moses freed the slaves from Egypt they left with the gold. Same thing now.


Member: we were chosen for such a time as this! how exciting!


Member: Mark and all the wonderful mods – we appreciate all you do for our community


Member:  Every day is a gift because we live in the present


Member: Praying for Okie and everyone feeling the effects of the DS cabal assault


Member: See you all tonight…praying for big news by this evening….






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