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Inaugurated / A Financial Official Explains The Repercussions Of The Devaluation Of Currencies On The Iraqi Dinar


July 31, 2022 40 Views   conscious / follow  Nuri said in an exclusive interview with (Iraqi Media News Agency / INA) that  “the drop in the exchange rate against some foreign currencies except for the euro is slight, and that


dollar prices have not experienced any global decline.”  He pointed out that  “Iraq remains safe from this decline until today, and  the value of the Iraqi dinar has not been affected.


The Forces Of Change Call For The Dissolution Of Parliament


Political | 06:07 – 02/08/2022   Baghdad – Mawazine News, the National Forces for Change coalition called, on Tuesday, to dissolve Parliament, while sending a message to the United Nations.


The coalition stated in a press conference: “10 months have passed since the holding of the October 2021 elections, and the influential political blocs have not been able to address the deepening political crisis for years. Rather, the insistence on the sectarian and ethnic quota approach, and the conflict of narrow interests.


This led to the parliament’s inability to perform it . His constitutional duties, and the continuation of the state of political obstruction whose negative effects have been reflected on all of our people, and are now threatening societal peace.”


He added: “In light of the current political and field developments, the forces of democratic change met today, Tuesday (August 2, 2022), and discussed the course of the escalating events, and affirmed their firm position on the process of comprehensive change, by peaceful means, that leads to building a civil and democratic state based on citizenship. And social justice, and the forces of change stress that they were not and will not be part of any conflicts that do not serve the interests and aspirations of Iraqis.


He continued: “Out of concern for the path of democratic construction, we call for:


1 – dissolving the current parliament. The President of the Republic, independent representatives and national forces must press for this.


2 – Form a government that enjoys political and popular acceptance, and whose mission will be to take steps A process on the path to change, which includes:


– Holding accountable the killers of the demonstrators and revealing the fate of the disappeared activists.


Stirring major corruption cases and bringing the corrupt to justice.


– Take concrete measures to confine arms to the hands of the state.


– Benefiting from the financial surplus to improve the lives of Iraqis.


The government also undertakes to work to ensure the fulfillment of the requirements for holding fair and impartial elections, under UN supervision, including:


– Implementing the Parties Law, which prevents corrupt parties and parties with armed arms from participating in the electoral process.


– Ensuring the independence of the High Electoral Commission.”

He called on the United Nations mission in Iraq to “support the aspirations of Iraqis in achieving a real democratic political system of government, and sponsoring the dialogues of its national political forces.”


He continued: “In this sensitive circumstance, we believe that the peaceful change project requires concrete measures, foremost of which is a review of the interpretations of the Federal Court, regarding (the largest bloc) and the quorum of the presidential election session, and the violation of constitutional timings.”


He continued: “In order to achieve this, we sincerely call on all forces, parties, national figures, protest and popular movements, unions, unions, organizations and social actors, to unite efforts and work to preserve the path of peaceful change that responds to the aspirations of our people, in a stable and prosperous homeland.” .


He noted, “We affirm that we are preparing for a comprehensive national conference, in order to form a national front for the forces of change.”


The coalition published its statement with the following signatures: – The signatories:


The Nazl movement took my right


, the Faili movement


, the Iraqi house,


the Waad


Party, the Sons of Al-Nahrain Party ,


the Consultative Council,


the Tishreen Democratic Movement.


Surprise.. Possible Return Of The Resigned Sadrist Bloc Mps To Parliament


Political | 05:51 – 02/08/2022   Special – Mawazine News, legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi explained the legal possibility for the resigned Sadrist bloc deputies to return to their seats in parliament.


Al-Tamimi said in an interview with “Mawazine News”, “There is a possibility for the resigned members of the Sadrist bloc to return by submitting a request to the Federal Supreme Court in accordance with Article 93 III of the Constitution.”


He pointed out, “This possibility came because the resignation was not voted on by the House of Representatives, and the resignation was also submitted under great psychological pressure, and this violates the element of will required to resign.”


And he added, “The resigning MPs can appeal the procedures related to accepting the resignation, otherwise the resigned MPs will remain in the parliament instead of their representatives.”


Minister Of Transport: Railways Will Be A Profitable Company Within Two Months


Economie| 03:03 – 01/08/2022   Baghdad – Mawazine News, Minister of Transport, Nasser Al-Shibli, outlined, today, Monday, the tasks of the ministry’s companies, and while


he identified the most prominent obstacles facing them, he explained the main reason for stopping the maritime transport project.


Al-Shibli said,  “The railways were established since the forties of the last century, and


as a result of the passage of time they have been exposed to depreciation and are now dilapidated, but


the ministry was able during this period to restore a number of railways from Baghdad to Mosul and from Baghdad to Basra and make them ready for work.”  He added:


“And in the Samawah region, the company is currently working there, in addition to the western region, where a train track is working.


As for the train that crosses the Euphrates side, it was destroyed by ISIS terrorist gangs, and it was agreed with the governorate to work on rehabilitating the bridge and returning it to work.”.  He continued,


“We signed with the Italian company a contract to develop new designs starting from the port of Faw to Turkey, where the link will be between the east and the west and between Turkey and the port of Faw, and this will also be through it several branches of roads,” noting that


“these plans will be completed at the end of the eighth month.”.


With regard to locomotives, the minister said:


“We have Chinese locomotives that have been entered since 2014, and we have old locomotives whose speed has become slow due to being overrun on the roads, whether those abuses were by citizens or by construction near the railways by trespassers.”  Al-Shibli added,


“The railway company is very important and is the basis for linking the governorates, although it is the only losing company that we currently have, and


now we have a container contract where we are working to transport containers for oil derivatives from Baiji and Kayara and within a month or two it will be one of the winning companies.”  He pointed out that


“the private transport company is responsible for all garages throughout Iraq,” adding:


“We have a Mosul garage about to be completed, in addition to the garages of Nasiriyah, Basra and Samawah are also about to be completed.”  He explained,


“The private transport company is responsible for all transportation inside Iraq to transport citizens, and


it is one of the profitable companies,


but it needs development, as


we have started working with plans to develop these garages, and all provinces are covered by the issue of garages, including Nineveh, Al-Amarah, Basra, Holy Kar


With regard to the maritime transport sector, Al-Shibli said:


“We have a shipping company, which is a profitable company, but


unfortunately most of our ships have been destroyed, as we have only six ships that are currently carrying out very large tasks in transportation, and


we are currently planning to buy new ships very soon through the amounts available to the Navy, as There was a contract in 2012 that was signed to buy ships, but unfortunately it was not implemented.”


And he added:   “We lack transportation for passengers between us and neighboring countries, where we only have commercial transportation, but


we are thinking to start transporting passengers, especially from Basra to Dubai, and


this requires a number of boats called tugboats, and


now we have one of the old yachts that were in the time of the regime.


We will work to restore it, which is the first seed for maritime transport.”  He noted that


“the ministry was unable to implement river transport, knowing that it had completed all garages and had 21 boats in Baghdad,


but all it wanted to open was that the shallow water was an obstacle due to the scarcity of the available water, so this project was stopped.”


The Stability Of The Dollar Exchange Rate For The Third Day In A Row


Economie| 10:05 – 02/08/2022  Baghdad – Mawazine News, the dollar exchange rates stabilized today, Tuesday, on the Iraqi Stock Exchange.


Selling price: 148,700 dinars per 100 dollars,  buying price: 148,600 dinars per 100 dollars




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