MarkZ Wednesday Morning Chat

Thank you MarkZ for all your time, and encouragement daily….. PDK


MarkZ Wednesday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim


MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions


Member: Happy HUMP Day to all. Remembering this very important day in our history


Member: Remembering Pearl Harbor Day


Member: December 7, 1942 Pearl Harbor Anniversary today


Member: Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?


MZ: Not a nothing burger today…but not nearly the news I was hoping for overnight last night.


MZ: “Budget Law absent from Iraqi Parliament for 30 days” This is playing out as we speak today. I am being told from some contacts on the ground that they are hoping to extend the parliamentary session through the 9th or 11th of December to get the budget squared away first.  …but it is supposed to end tomorrow  as parliament goes away for a 30 day recess.  This is normal for the holidays.


MZ: our congress here in the US is already supposed to be on break. But they are in a lame duck session and desperately trying to pass things before they call it a wrap.


Member: I wonder if it is true that they can be arrested when not in session?  Hope so .


Member: Government should be for safety, stability and security of it’s citizens, but most governments are just raping it’s citizens and keeping them unstable IMO


Member: We need to go back to the original 1776 US Constitution and 1950’s prices… let’s go!


Member: I thought we did not need the Iraqi budget….CBI is who we need to do it?


MZ: Pressure continues in Iraq as we see more and more local politicians join ranks. We now have well over 100 parliament members and leaders that are pushing for the CBI to make the decision and make it now…before the holidays.  The push because of inflations and the market crunch in Iraq is to do it before the holiday season which is beginning within days over there.


MZ: Yes it is in the hands of the CBI…..parliament is really pushing them to release it before the holidays…..and are willing to replace the leader or minister of the CBI in order to do it if that is what it takes….


MZ: It is a open conversation over there. I spoke with some contacts on the ground …and they are hearing this as well. .


Member: On CBI — Governor of the Cen Bank of Iraq, Mustafa Ghaleb Makhif, received on Wednesday, the Min of Fin Taif Sami and the Inter Monetary Fund mission that is currently visiting the capital, Baghdad.


Member: Let’s all pray today’s meetings on Iraq yield a nice high and firm flat rate to exchange with!!!


Member: Sign me up for the first chance at 1:1 exchange. I’m so there.


MZ as far as bond folks go……European contacts did not start processing on the 5th as they had hoped. They are still stuck twiddling thumbs. But, I am still hearing of more tabletop closures here in the US.


MZ: I have my own theory and believe what is going on in the US is because they know it is so close….you have wealthy people that are willing to buy bonds at a discounted price for the bond folks who want cash in their pockets now. Then they plan on reselling them within a short period at the full rate. This is what I think could be happening and indicates we are close to the finish line.


Member: if They would do that with Currency I bet many of us would exchange a little to hang on for the reset.


Member: So it’s now another 30 day can kick?


MZ: I think its event driven…..of how soon they can get it across the finish line.


Member: Bo Polny seems to think that Dec. 13th might be a big day


Member: Per Bo Polny silver will soon go up to at least $70 better buy now.


Member: just listened to bruce with the big call from last night he said notifications tomorrow but hes always wrong. maybe this time he will be right!


Member: (From Dinar Guru)  Guru Mnt Goat   One could almost say the news is once again just all about the currency. The pressure builds for the CBI to act now. Over 100 of the parliamentary members claim they will not even attend parliament sessions to vote on the new budget unless this issue is addressed in the budget.  …These are exciting times and personally I can’t see the CBI holding back this reinstatement much longer…


MZ: I couldn’t agree more!!


Member: If they do indeed release the dinar to float do you think all of the major banks here will be willing to exchange immediately? I’m cashing out the dinar asap!!


Member: Do we need our congress in session to RV?


MZ: Absolutely not. Our congress belongs to the US corp. and has absolutely nothing…zero …zilch to do with us revaluing.


Member: I hope  Redemption centers are still on call?


Member: How can we access or funds after exchanging at a redemption center?


MZ: Simple…..It will be in your account for immediate access to at least millions of it. I was told by some contacts that the full balance won’t be available until after midnight of that day. But that may not be accurate ….most of my sources feel we will have instant access to it all and we will all leave with a special debit card and can go to where you bank at and open whatever accounts you want and move funds where you want.   And get cash if that is what you wish. I am told this debit card will have much better security to it.


Member: Don’t let All your wealth be electronically accessable….be aware of hackers and thieves.


Member: Have a mother lode account not connected to internet access – but have smaller accounts for day to day spending and needs.


Member: We got just a warning on blackout in Sweden by 9 to 18 Dec


Member: I just found out when I checked my credit..they wiped out all my debt!! Everything. All my credit cards, medical bills and car loans. only thing remaining is student loan


Member: That sounds like Nesara/Gesara to me!!!  Congradutations!!


Member: Hope that happens to the rest of us very soon.


Member:  We know you are weary Mark …. thank you for your immense dedication and sacrifice for this cause.


Member: Thanks to the mods as well……see everyone tonight.








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