MarkZ Wednesday Morning Chat

Thank you MarkZ for all your time, and encouragement daily….. PDK


MarkZ Wednesday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim


MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions


Member: GM MarkZ and Family. Today is another opportunity for the RV of the Iraqi Dinar. Let it happen, amen.


Member: Waiting for the RV is like watching maple syrup in January being poured


Member: Good news for the day: We are all here, alive and experiencing history in the making!


Member: We’re one day closer to the start of a wonderful new world.


MZ: As I shared last night….I had a whole lot of folks in tier 3 reach out to me telling me they just signed new NDA’s. So I think we are very close.


MZ: in Reno on the banking side it’s still pretty quiet except for getting more and more calls and messages of new NDA’s signed in groups in tier 3 and tier 4a……


Member: New NDA are good news….. I wonder how long are the NDA’S for???


Member: Are the Reno people staying in place after new NDAS?


Member: Why do they have to sign a new NDA?


MZ: Most likely because we are close or they know the actual timing or they have been given information on the rate. That’s what makes sense to me. They won’t tell me what’s in the new NDA…only that they had to sign one.


Member: The new NDA means there is something new….something has changed.


MZ: Exactly…and if there is something new and something has changed …if it were negative they would not need an NDA…so I believe it’s a positive thing and a huge piece of news for us.


Member: I am ready to sign my NDA, I can keep my mouth shut. I plan on taking a vacation for a month or so.


Member: HSBC has called our group to be ready at a moments notice.


MZ: Many in our community are members of tier 3 and 4a groups……HSBC is a major player in the reset of the Iraqi dollars.


Member: IF the street rate was $3.71/ I wonder if it will be higher when we RV


Member: Nader posted another video of arrests today


MZ: Nader posted another big win for Iraq today….Another politician/ bankers getting arrested. This is going on all over Iraq right now which to me is a clear sign they are preparing for the RV. Please check out Naders video…he deserves all the credit for it.


Member: more corruption cleaned up in Iraq 🇮s wonderful..


Member: looks like they are cleaning house in Iraq. wish they would come over here and do it for us


MZ: in Baghdad Today the report is the Supreme court of Iraq has rejected TODAY the lawsuit to dissolve the Iraqi Parliament.  Now before you panic….I believe this is a good thing. It forces continuity in the Iraqi government.


Member: Maybe the non dissolvement of parliament is a delay tactic because they are waiting on the US/UST??


MZ: Also coming out today “ Officially-Iran is offering the Iraqi dinar in its local banks” The Iraqi dinar is a “preferred currency” in the region. This is huge news. I hope you can grasp how huge this news is. Traditionally the Iraqi dinar has been an unstable currency. Why would you want to use that currency in your local markets unless it was going to become a “reserve status” ?  In other words it’s out there along with the US dollar . This is a huge piece of news. They are officially using it and offering it throught their central banks in Iran. This to me is a clear indication the Iraqi dinar is about to become a regional powerhouse and a banking anchor in the middle east.


Member: Bruce says NESARA this weekend…


Member: Charlie Ward said everything is done we just waiting for scare event!


Member: If Tier3 had to sign NDAs how long before we are next? Big Bruce says today is possible for email notification


Member: Then we can all wear our “Told you so” shirts


Member: can someone explain to me why we can still buy Iraqi dinar if they know from history that this will happen. I would think they would sit on it and not sell it.


Member: They have to sell a certain amount. MarkZ talked about it before


Member: it’s a law……they will continue to sell until moments before the RV happens.


Member: What are the tiers ?


Member: There are 5 Tiers of folks Exchanging. Tier 1-governments and royalty Tier 2-whales-elite with platforms of currency, corporations, etc. Tier 3-Admirals Group, American Indians, CMKX, large church groups (like the Mormons), etc. Tier 4-all the hundreds of thousands paying attention to intel – internet groups(all of us). Tier 5- those who never paid attn – the general public.


MZ: This is a huge one for all you XRP and ripple people….   “Ripple confirms CBDC announcements coming soon” They are expecting this within weeks. I was always told that ripple would be the protocol for moving money in the new QFS. The bridge between the QFS and the old banking system as we transition over to the QFS. .


Member: 9-11 is the anniversary of when they took nesara away. I believe it will be a happy day.


Member: hearing a lot of chatter that this month is the one for change in the Government


Member: also the new fiscal year for the US and other countries starts on Oct. 1st.   This may be an important day.


MZ: Today Okie gets his stem cell treatment. You guys made it happen.. Its not completely paid for but enough so they will move forward with the treatment as it is time sensitive.  He still definitely needs prayers today that the treatment goes well and is highly effective.


TODAY OKIE HAS HIS STEM CELL TREATMENT. Please donate to help Okie pay for the treatment and please pray that it works. He thank you.


Member: Prayers for Okie and his family, wishing him the best


Member: Okie we love you…Get well soon.


Member: Thanks as always Mark for all the latest news & updates you bring to us in this awesome community.


Member: Have a blessed day everyone. See you all tonight .


Andy Schectman from Miles Franklin joins the stream at the end . Please listen to the replay for all of his opinions and information.