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Weekend News with MarkZ 09/10/2022


Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim


MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions




Member: Hoping Mark has bigly, huge news for us today!!!!


MZ: Good Morning. I spoke to a number of whales involved in tier 3 and 4a. Man, are they getting leaned on to stay quiet. But my contacts believe that within the next 7-10 days they will be home with spendable money in their pockets.


MZ: I am hopeful this is accurate because they are very adamant that this is going to be their timing.


Member: I was told by my friends in Iraq to sit down and be patient we are almost all there.


Member: I heard Queens Death announcement publicly marks the day we have been waiting for. Debt relief and Nesara Gesara roll out!


Member:  I sure hope you are correct


Member: Charlie and Simon said that the public announcement of the Queen’s death is the last marker before we get the RV.!!


Member: What are whales?




Member: The queens death really took eyes off of Iraq.


MZ: and the imploding financial system all around the world….but the reality is coming back quickly and it really started hitting the markets last night. . Crypto is getting a nice push as Asian banks are starting to fail. Money is running to any safe harbor it can.


Member: 1625 King Charles 1st dissolved parliament, 1679 King Charles the 2nd dissolved Parliament is it going to be a hat-trick


Member: I am still hearing that tomorrow on 9-11 big things are going to happen.


Member: is tomorrow the big day?


MZ: I can tell you the market started aligning in a big way. Consider that it’s a weekend so we won’t get a whole lot of market data analysis. But we have seen money moving in Asia into crypto and we see two more banks go belly up and declare bankruptcy in China.  It appears the wealthy is Asia are running.


MZ: We also saw a .50 cent spike in the price of silver late overnight. And a tremendous number of orders throughout the night from Asia and Europe for physical metals. Something is afoot and it started in earnest on Friday.


Member: Remember this one: Bloomberg Video from a few years ago….-“Theres a certain point….At midnight on some Saturday  night European Cantral time….they are going to announce it…heres the menu of the new exchange rates and have a nice Monday.,,


MZ: “Turkish central bank’s gold reserves at 2 year high”


MZ: “ Huge global storm is starting, Moscow warns”   Absurd decisions by the US and the EU are to blame –the Kremlin press secretary says.  And he is right. They are to blame for the collapse that is going on right now in Europe….


MZ: I believe this is setting up for the death of globalism and the rise of sovereignty.


MZ: We saw tremendous movement of capital yesterday OUT of the fiat system. It will most likely continue first thing Monday morning and over the weekend. I will be keeping an eye on it.


MZ: “Lagarde says ECB cannot offer liquidity to energy firms” She said it is up to each individual nation in Europe to handle it.  This is important because the only country that may survive this crisis is Germany and Germany carries most of the EU. Germany will probably be ok is it decouples from the EU.


MZ: Germany needs to abandon the European Union . It floats Spain, Greece , and Portugal. It floats pretty much all the other countries. If they abandon the EU (which is highly likely from the chatter I am hearing ) If they join BRICS…..then its “GAME OVER” It appears they are positioning to do just that…as we speak.


Member: I’m seeing Russia using XRPL for CBDC (central bank digital currency) … same w EUR


Member: Markz- You said last night- get on or off the pot byt eh 14th and 15th…-please explain what this means. Thanks!


MZ: I was referring to the whales. Many of the big folks are expecting it to hit around then.


Member: The Vatican wants all their money back from Central banks by Sept 30th.


MZ: That is also a big one. It will be too late for them if they don’t have it back before then . things are starting to spiral out of control for the globalists.


Member: Also On that Platinum debt jubilee by Christopher Green yesterday…..the UK debt jubilee is supposed to start Oct 1st.


Member: October 1st is also the new US fiscal year start…..will it start with a new asset backed currency????


Member: Ready for the 10 days of darkness. Queen is dead ….let’s end this movie.


Member: Mark, just put the gold hat on and get this party started.


Member: When the RV goes, we will invent a new happy dance called “The Z”!


Member:  God grant me patience but please hurry


Member: May things start to change for the better soon. So many are in need!


Member: Blessings to all this weekend and be safe and find Joy in little things


Member: Have a great weekend everyone…..may this be our last weekend “broke”!!!


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