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China stopped and leveled and actually added value to the yuan will be curious on IKO’S take on this.
This may have been just a warning shot and more to come.
Stock Market – from Martha
It’s 4 am and I’m surfing around and am concerned at what I see. All is quiet again. China closed without further fanfare and at present European markets are all up.

The US markets will probably follow suit, so was this just a minor correction or is there more to come Sunday night?
Is this enough to shock the world markets or are we in for more?
Yes China removed the breakers but didn’t drop down but leveled. They also increased the value of the yuan.
Has the US cried “foul” or are we just in the beginnings of a controlled free fall.
I’m not sure if we will see the RV just yet.
Next step will be Iraq’s announcement but when? Will they be held back again?
I’m not trying to be negative but realistic. I know there is an ultimatum for Monday completion. Is it going to take another round of “drops” and even a total collapse of the system.
My take is we may not be where we need to be just yet.
Remember we need announcements, emails and codes so that we can go to the bank.
Sunday, when China re-open it’s markets will be more telling of where we are and where we are headed.