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I will be polite but IMO Dr. Clarke’s timetable is off and I firmly believe that China is in control …..not the US CORP.
Anything coming out of our government holds no credence at this time IMO. There are PTB way above all our pay grades that are in control.
Don’t talk about sanctions since the world is ignoring them.
Also, Iraq is more than ready and is no longer involved in being controlled by the US. Dr. Clarke’s friend still seems to think that  the US is in the seat of control.

I saw the Preston James article in VT. Link
I now offer into evidence another print of the Preston James article which I highly recommend ALL READ before jumping the gun about March.  Link
Now that you have read it, it is very possible this is a creation of those who think that Russia is in control of the GCR.
Without going into detail, it is highly possible that this is a last minute lame attempt of the US to create a liaison with Russia before Putin releases damning information about 911.
I am sure you have heard about the new world order, a term that has nothing positive but a world government that will imprison all of us.
I see this as a last ditch effort of our government to upset Dinarland.
China is in control of this GCR/reset and if anything, I doubt that Putin is going to let the US do anything that will damage what has been accomplished at this point.
I am sure we will not hear the end of this especially from Ben Fulford and even the White Dragon Society. My bet is on Iraq, China, the BRICS and the Dragon family.
That post upset so many people unnecessarily and I hope that my letter and copy of my version will help alleviate further dispair. The US has lost the control battle and Russia isn’t caving to the NWO premise.
If anything Russia will release the 911 data to the world which further implicate the Bushes, Clintons and so forth..I expect we won’t here the end of this.
I confirmed again start dates of 13-15 and others have posted the 15th. I still see one more market correction Sunday/Monday.
China was to do 20%.another 7% to go.  but I will say this – the plan was to totally crash the market and that may still happen but with this warning,
I hope the GCR is a go now. The banks are safe and under control of China and the families. Lets bring it on NOW.
Thanks  Martha