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It took how long to “align” this time for our blessing? Seems like forever. I can’t even count the sleepless nights of researching and calculating and reading between the lines.
But is it all over with the RV? This is only the beginning of a journey to change a world so damaged by wars, chemicals, hatred and GREED.
This is a true beginning, perhaps the start of a new book of Genesis.
There is no stopping it, but it is now our time to bring it forward; a time to guide those who won’t understand; a time to educate and a time to be a true part of the change but most of all be proactive to bring this all together.

Today, January 22nd is the number 22, the ultimate Chinese number; a sign of completion but it is also the 9th month post the RV date of Iraq that will be in the history books. The number 9 is also a completion.
What better day to finish this life cycle (although it should have gone on my birthday and almost did, again).
Now on the 23rd is the full wolf moon, On January 25th in the Hebrew calendar is the 15th of Sheva or the “New Year for Trees”. This is when the earliest of trees start to bloom in Israel; a rebirth or awakening of Mother Nature.
The planetary alignment which has been aligned together, presently and only happens every 11 years will unalign on January 25th with mercury going retro again.
We are still in Aquarius until February 20th and the Chinese New Year commences on February 8th and is celebrated thru February 14th when people will return to work.
This is the year of the Red Monkey.The Chinese New Year aligns with the start of their spring/growing season.
Interesting how the moons, the calendars/dates will always play into how we take care of ourselves and how Mother Nature takes care of us by allowing us to plant and tend the rich terra beneath our feet.
I know you are going to say” oh no, not numbers again but all cultures used all of this info to create a lifestyle of sustainability for not just a single family but for all.
There is a purpose in following our roots but that’s for another time.
The next few days will be very interesting to say the least.