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China has had total control of this game to bring down the fiat currency.
There are things that are extremely time sensitive at this point thus Bruce’s silence on where we are. There are things in the background that are done.
Stop worrying about the banks. Sit back and watch what is about to happen as we enter into the New Year, the year of the Red monkey; a year that historically holds the elements of metal and water.
The metal is GOLD and water is wisdom. Just remember that we have also entered the age of Aquarius as of January 20th which by the horoscope ends on February 20th.We are still in the Jubilee.

On February 15th is the end of the Chinese New Year Day with the Lantern Festival Also least we forget St Valentine Day on February 14th. Yes ,he is considered the giver of LOVE but I recommend you read about this real saint recognized by the church.
This coming period will be loaded with all sorts of great surprises. In fact did you realize that this year’s Superbowl game ,which is being played on February 7th which is New Year’s Eve is number 50 ,a golden age ! We are still in the end of the Chinese year of the sheep or GOAT which is a transition year to the year of 2016, the year of WEALTH.