In Mike 

Article: “Banking expert: Government implement the economic reform program in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund in 2017

Quote: “Nasiri pointed out that the recovery of the Iraqi economy indicators began to appear after the relative rise in global oil prices during the period from the beginning of the current year to the day

It sounds to me like they’re still counting on oil to save the day….

The hold up is simple, it’s the lack of political will to implement reforms and change.

I firmly believe Iraq can and will do great things in the future, but they have a lot of work in front of them.

Reform the banks and the courts, get rid of the corrupt and find a way for Parliament to work together instead of fighting each other at every turn.

Abadi needs to step up and be the leader everyone thought he would be when he was elected as the Prime Minister, otherwise it going to be more of the same.  As always, this is…my opinion.