Article: “Karbouli of the relationship: I will accept to put your picture if the dinar is equal to the dollar” I wouldn’t be surprised that tomorrows meeting in parliament, with Mahdi, Alak and CBI Board members could not only pave the way for new small categories, but, a new seated CBI Governor. Take a bow Alak… lol Just thinking out loud…He did get a recent award for doing a fine job?? Now he has his name on the Currency.

I don’t buy that was a mistake or even will be costly for him. In fact, it looks more like it was planned, as the CBI board would know the legalities of such a move and knew of the consequences of their actions.  I pray those consequences are one nice new internationally recognized rate less a few zeros… imo Lets let the dust settle from tomorrow and see if they expose the new smalls once the banks in Iraq close, like they did last Thursday.. I like Sundays too.. lol.