They are telling us they are literally coming on stage internationally. Today they are actively spelling out internationalism based on statements…  Quote: “The governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Ali al-Alaq, Sunday 11 November 2018, that the actions taken by the bank was sufficient to move Iraq to the normal follow-up area.”  That to me means they are just like every well-organized bank that is involved in doing international trade. Equal footing if you will. Level playing field!! Quote: “This new indicator will enable all international financial institutions to open their doors and their relationship with our banking institutions in Iraq…”

Pretty sure this all comes out the day before Alak is to be in Parliament. The day before the UN has a topic on Iraq as well… Did we not recently hear Pompeo and Mnuchin speak in finance and economic circumstance done in Iraq, then Trump and Macron Support the new Mahdi GOI? Yep, Oh and yes the Paris Club…  …Kind interesting that Parliament has the 2019 budget on deck and we learned the payments start for the Paris agreement in 2019…

All key items timed so ever accordingly…it should give a calming effect for those that thought this was simply flip the switch already…It is and has been a very complex undertaking that was like and ebb and flow tide. Always moving toward a common ground…I suspect if one is following along, this is starting to show a pattern of motion in more of a one direction specifically, and that is internationalism. imo.