Article: “Central Bank “fabricated” a channel of payment to Tehran to address the debts of gas and electricity” Data in this above article has information that is imo a follow up from [Guru] Frank and [Guru] Delta. They spoke of a continuation of Iran and Iraq’s relationship. It is imo in stone and the mechanism is in place now. Iran said they didn’t want the IQD in the past and now that has changed. They know when they rate changes both sides may benefit and biggly too. lol. They have a continuation of Financial agreements… As in past tense.

So, with the budget behind us and Frank26 suggesting they are working it effectively backwards, therefore, in the coming hours, days, etc.., could be very eventful, as from the looks of it an announcement, 2nd article and rate may be all that is needed now. They told us they will have the borders prepared to get taxes and tariffs by 02/17/209… imo Keep in mind they we have been told over the years once implemented with an international calculation the income may be equal to the oil revenues…So, they are now apparently on board for this now to come to fruition. imo…Fascinating times…imo.