In MilitiaMan

I am not sure there is the Baghdad Fair starting on Monday or not. They had it scheduled for the first and the put the 11th on the time line. Well there are some heavy hitters that were in the KRI (Kurdistan Region) talking business and what stands out are a few things. 1) Security, 2) Electricity, 3) Accounting and auditing, 4) PERMANENT REVENUE SHARING and they are to continue onto Baghdad. All of this during the demonstrations having been on going. Investors of the caliber they mention are GLOBAL.

Reforms are slated to be addressed as early as tomorrow. I’ll be oh so very watchful over the next couple of days. I have not seen any postponement yet on the Fair. If you recall there is an annual conference in Great Britain on 12/08/2019 with many and more of the names above. If the Fair on the 11th is to be successful ahead of that one in GB, they’ll need reforms in the bag by then for those attending on the 11th…We shall see. imo.