In MilitiaMan

Article: “The finance committee reveals the mechanism for paying Iraqi debts .. And the Central reveals its policy to control the exchange rate”   The fact that they are now openly talking about the tools (mechanisms) are in place to permanently correct the course of Iraq’s monetary policy…is huge and very welcoming for us all. …in respect to the conditions they are now in [militarily], they are still moving forward and head on with the monetary policy to control the exchange rate. Once they stop the auctions they will not have any other Multi Currency Practices (MCPs) to deal with. IMF requirement. The dinar exchange rate will be devoid of them (mcp) when fully article 8 and out of sanctions and thus, the world can freely trade internationally in IQD.

We hear from a source…that citizen in Iraq is hearing directly from a Bank in Baghdad and at the head of a large department level are now making the citizens aware of  the banks now having been populated with new small category notes and coins (fils), and are to be distributed at the citizen level soon. This article above in my opinion supports that data, as tools or mechanisms if you will, are in fact in part a median of exchange to facilitate the transition from large to small on the street.. Small notes and coins are tools.. imo.

The timing of this is so very clear to be in our faces now that they have to reinstate the IQD internationally. They have no choice in the matter, now. … small categories notes will be used in place of the trip zero notes with much more value associated with them, as noted by the need for coins. The small and large notes will co exist with the remaining straggler notes for years to come. I am smiling large!! You should all be too, as in light of the military actions we have witnessed, they are still moving ahead and finishing the delete the zeros project and apparently it is in full effect now. imo.