In MilitiaMan

Article: “Head of the government follow-up cell: Iraq may resort to printing currency to secure employee salaries..The crisis will begin early next month” Now we see additional data that tells us that an option is on the table to print money? More money to depreciate the value of the IQD? Lol!  I think not!! They are not going to use an option like that at this stage. The FACT is Alak told us point blank they were not going to devalue the IQD…So, now what we know is that Alak is not going to devalue the currency, they have no option now but to revalue the IQD and with a powerful international rate. As they will be using valuable reserves that will effect their future ability to do things. We know they already printed the NSCNs, they most likely minted coins too.  …we see the CBI setting date limits for Salaries when it is the job of the Financial Minister, we can see that a pattern has changed. They are in a hurry. I am liken this and big time.