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Mobious:  new world economics = No Pay, No Play ……. CREDIT is dead
Harambe: Crude oil prices fall as much as 20 percent since beginning of the year
Four2atous:  The real news is in China=​bank-rate-rises-by-record-to-all-time-high
Four2atous:  China’s yuan spikes higher, but stocks tumble=

This is a III parter= Basel Accord An agreement on international banking regulations dealing with how banks handle risk. The Basel Accord focuses mainly on credit risk; it divides banks’ assets into five categories according to how risky they are. The five categories are assets with no risk, 10% risk, 20%, 50% and 100%. All banks conducting international transactions are required under the Basel Accord to hold assets with no more than 8% aggregated risk.
Part II The Accord was promulgated in 1988.Banks in most G-10 countries have implemented it since the early 1990s. It is now considered largely outdated and is in the process of being replaced by Basel II. It is also called Basel I.
Part III OK all of that being said…..Zimbabwe mining is THE asset on which they are justifying their evaluation……now what?=