In MilitiaMan

The collectivism of all this data out now is not for just any old reason, imo. The timing of this at this juncture paints a vivid picture in my mind. It paints a major power play into view. Iraq has no where but up to go from here!!!. imo.   …We know CBI Gov. Alak has openly stated he was not going to devalue the IQD. It goes against all of that that has been done to…date to keep the IQD stable and steady. …Iraq can’t borrow any money from the looks of it lately from anyone. But, if they have the ability to get into the secondary markets with their currency and their stock exchange, they can use those mediums to get dollars into the future. So not only could this be about Iraq going international in secondary markets terms, the FIMA just may be the mechanism to facilitate them to do so through the US FED.. Thereby, Iraq will need to reinstate their currency to do so.  Which will support other currencies around the world. imo.