In Dinar Guru Updates, MilitiaMan 

Article quote: “…the Prime Minister in consultation with the Minister of Finance may launch the exchange when liquidity is available” Kinda looks like the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister had a chat about launching the, or an exchange when liquidity is available..  Well what liquidity are they talking about? They have no hard currency ($USD) nor will they apparently be getting any more any time soon, either. They know they will have liquidity once they inject the new currency to a live international level. A program rate is going no where! imo.

They know the secondary markets are the place to be in to defend oil price swings, currency, etc.. They know when they get fully Article 8 compliant with a new international rate, the SDR basket will or may at least have serious relevance. The Time is now. They can not get to the level  they need to be or where it is even an option to do either of the two possibilities with out a strong international currency, imo. No SDR or Secondary Market is on the table at a program rate. Neither one of them can happen with out them lifting the value of the IQD, imo. They had no, nor have now, any more options to put it off!! They are in a corner and the new PM knows it.