In Dinar Guru Updates, MilitiaMan

Just as Frank26 has taught, and as even Dr. Shabibi has mentioned in the past, that there will be confusion and propaganda at the END GAME. There is only one real option they have and will do. ioo…As in, they will raise the exchange rate of the IQD by reducing the amount of Dinars to buy Dollars. There is a…chart from the CBI, is noted to have been updated yesterday. The CBI presently shows the public exposure of an increase in the money issuance. Delta told us days ago…on the Arabic side of the CBI, that they did the increase in currency issuance,  which means that what we believe from their data is to be the small category notes and or even coins. Now they are public about it on the CBI site. The facts…speak loudly imo, that they are just about now going into a market economy. Everything is ready and waiting. They can’t do that with out raising the value of the IQD, imo.