In MilitiaMan

Article: “Next week .. A high-ranking Kurdish delegation headed by Talabani visits Baghdad” Quote: “All political forces insist on the success of Al-Kazemi’s mission, and the steps for reform must be accelerated” All inclusive. Is this the historic HCL/140 agreed on in principle set for a finality? The Kurdistan Regional Council is talking about internal Reconciliation and also speaks of the region, as well. That my friends looks like to me that the next 24 – 48 hours are going to be about signing off on some already agreed on files. Having the power players this week is very compelling support that they mean business. The reforms must be accelerated. The rate at which they bring it forth is what I am looking for, as are the demonstrators… They know all too well what the alternatives are and one is the most important. RATE. or Purchase Power…imo. It all looks so very promising now this is coming to a conclusion. imo.