In MilitiaMan

Article: “In the first official position, the central bank proposes a mechanism  for the government to cross the financial crisis” Quote: “…there are 3 advantages enjoyed by the financial situation of Iraq, the first of which is a rich country and its oil resource is quantitatively stable and the last barrel of oil in the world according to studies will be from Iraq and secondly that the bank The central bank has good reserves…” Currency Rates are mechanisms. Bonds are mechanisms, bonds have interest rates associated with them, the are liquid assets just as currency, that can be traded on the secondary markets. Looks like they are even mentioning the banks international interface as the vehicle to do so. The bonds will be for local and or global availability. They even have an open for business sign out (lol) for all days of the week to keep things flowing from now on, even taking into account the epidemic. imo.