In MilitiaMan

Article: “A deputy denies the cancellation of the Kurdish delegation’s visit to Baghdad and confirms: A comprehensive agreement will be signed during the coming period”  Quote:  “…the agreement is still in place, and there are some observations from the federal government and the conditions and work is underway to reform them, stressing that in the end an understanding will be made and a comprehensive agreement signed during the coming period.” Interesting that they do talk about this today. So many things in motion that imo they had to! The agreement they have is still in effect. Thus, today is effective… Let that one simmer in the pot a few moments… They have a deal on the oil… imo.. That means they have an expectation of what is in the White Papers… Kahdimi and Allawi are holding close to their chest. Why? We all know why.. imo ~ RATE, comes to mind  imo.