MilitiaMan and Tivon “The Stage is Set for the Next Big Move”

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Samson:  Al-Halbousi accepts the resignations of the Sadrist bloc’s deputies

12th June, 2022

The Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Muhammad al-Halbousi, approved on Sunday the resignation of the Sadrist bloc’s deputies, shortly after a directive issued by al-Sadr to his deputies in this regard.
Al-Sadr said in a statement, “This step is considered a sacrifice from me for the sake of the homeland and the people to rid them of the unknown fate, as we sacrificed previously for the liberation of Iraq, its sovereignty, security, unity and stability.”

Al-Sadr, who completes the sides of the “Save the Homeland” triangle (the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the Sadrist Bloc, and Sovereignty), had threatened last Thursday to remain in the opposition or to withdraw completely from the political process, unless a “national majority” government was formed, as directed by members of his parliamentary bloc. write their resignations in preparation for submission to the Presidency of Parliament.

In this regard, the legal expert, Jamal Al-Asadi, told Shafaq News Agency, that the resignation of the Sadrist deputies does not require the deputies to vote on these resignations, and the Speaker of Parliament cannot legally reject the resignations of the Sadrist bloc deputies.

And he indicated that “the approval of the House of Representatives on the resignation of the representatives only gives them the right to retire, and this includes every deputy who has been in the parliamentary session for more than a year, and the Sadrist bloc’s submission of their resignation does not affect the work of the House of Representatives, as there are substitutes who will rise in their place, and the replacements are the biggest loser in number sound, of whatever mass it is.”   LINK


MilitiaMan:   The take away here is Sadr’s  bloc being the largest by a long shot just resigned. The effect on things are seeming to be sketchy, however, likely not the case at all.

The resignation of the largest bloc puts Kahdimi and Saleh in office for an additional two years.

They’ll from the looks of it dissolve parliament. That move takes away the immunity  for those that have committed corruption against the state..

 Sets up the stage for early elections and finishing up 2 years of power for Kahdimi at the helm as Prime Minister.

Sadr has done this move as a sacrifice for the people. Something the coordination frame work seems to not know anything about.. I see this power play to set the stage for the next big move. We were told yesterday from our Iraqi source that massive change is coming to Iraq. This is likely what he meant!!

We see the move with respect to those killed at Spichter this weekend.. That travesty is not ever going away. Those that may have had a part in it and that goes for global entities as well may better lawyer up and or skiddaddle pronto!!

I imagine this next week is going to be eventful lol – MM


Tivon:   Militia-Man, what up my guy? I would like to add to your sentiments here. Because I think the entire plan was exactly how you put it. Because they are more terrified of Al-Kazemi then they are Sadr. Which is why they didn’t want to vote on the FSL. They knew what it meant for their overall agenda. Especially Kurdistan. Why do you think they keep whining about their oil shares not being in the FSL? I like where thus is going because it is getting us closer to the HCL being enacted very soon. We have the contracts now. Things can only go up from here. Al-Jubouri stated a few days ago that the FSL stabilizes all Contracts & Procedures. Not some, all. IMO.

Expert : The Food Security Law prolongs the Al-Kazemi Government if one condition is met

10th June, 2022

Political analyst, Dr. Muhammad Nanaa, confirmed today, Friday, that the food security law does not represent a substitute for the budget law, but it could represent a mini budget for the remainder of 2022.

Nanaa said, in a statement to the “National News Center” that “emergency support is not a substitute for the budget because it does not address all the chapters included in the budget, but rather it is a temporary law and is suitable as a mini budget for the remainder of the current year only, provided that it approves next year a general budget for 2023 it addresses the gaps left by the current period.”

And he continued, “The support law can contribute to prolonging the political negotiations and giving the government of Mustafa Al-Kazemi a longer period, because the political pressures will also be less.”


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