Militiaman Fri PM “The Opportunity is Now and it’s a Golden One”

KTFA: Clare:  Blackshart to Al-Sudani: We expect the government program to address a long list of urgent issues     10/14/2022    LINK




Clare: The United Nations: Assigning Al-Sudani to form a government paves the way for addressing Iraqi issues


Friday 14 October 2022


– The Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, confirmed that assigning candidate Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani to form the new government paves the way for addressing urgent and outstanding issues in Iraq.


“On behalf of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq, I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to you on the occasion of your assignment as Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq,” Plasschaert said, in a press statement today, Friday.


She added, “We hope and expect that the formation of the government will pave the way for a government program that addresses Iraq’s long list of urgent and pending issues and meets the needs of the Iraqi people.” /




MilitiaMan:  The language that is used is strong. The UN now expects the plan to take shape and it is an urgent matter.


I am sure the pending issues for the people is Exchange Rate related.


The opportunity is now and it is a golden one. Now that the UN doesn’t have to put Iraq back into the stone age again (Chapter 7) we are likely to see results from the new government as planned and is expected. There are billions of dollars of contracts outstanding and on the table. Total, is one of them in the tune of $27 Billion alone..


The new government spoke directly about announcing his cabinet within two weeks and address the exchange rate.


The man has hit the pavement out of the the gate..  The UN is likely to have had a word with him, as would the Ambassadors of the USA, Canada, Japan, Norway, Europe, etc..


All currencies have been under extreme pressure lately and the meetings in Baghdad the other day must have been an event of all events.


The immediate rate at which the new PM spoke is very telling and supports the idea his collar was tapped.. lol Sadr gave him six months leeway is keen focus too..


His eyes are all about the people and now the 15 days has been reduced to ten days and reflective of the above and all about the people. More meetings on the Cabinet today, as well.


Pompey Peter says hello and so does Petra, they are also happy campers… lol ~  imo ~ MM




Economist: The new government has a golden opportunity to reduce the dollar exchange rate


Information / Baghdad…


The economic affairs specialist, Muhammad Al-Saadi, confirmed that the new government has a golden opportunity to reduce the exchange rate of the dollar in the local markets and raise the value of the Iraqi dinar, pointing out that all conditions are prepared for this measure.


Al-Saadi told “The Information”, “Iraq has achieved a great financial abundance after the significant rise in international oil prices, which raised the central bank’s reserves to more than 80 billion dollars.”


He added, “The increase in oil prices and cash reserves will enable the new government to gradually reduce the dollar exchange rate during the next stage, as this is considered one of the first decisions that can serve the people.”


And he indicated that “there is an appropriate ground to attract foreign investments to establish oil refineries in the governorates and work on the export of derivatives and thus return to the country with large revenues, as well as achieving self-sufficiency in derivatives, and in sum, the government’s high exchange rate achieved can be achieved through other doors.” LINK


A member of Fatah: Al-Sudani will announce his booth within two weeks and reduce the dollar exchange



Ali Al-Fatlawi said; For the program “Al-Mastra” broadcast by Al-Furat satellite channel tonight, it said: “We have now begun a stage of balance and true partnership, and an exploitation of time that surprised the coordinating framework and the forces with it to assign the Sudanese at the same time as the election of the President of the Republic.”


He added, “The Sudanese is serious about supporting the prestige and sovereignty of Iraq, and the economy is at the forefront of the files that he will care about and will work to gradually reduce the price of the dollar. The framework supports it in 3 files of economy, service and politics, and he will present his expected government within two weeks.”


Al-Fatlawi pointed out, “Al-Sawadni’s ability to take control of matters and the framework has confidence in crossing the country to safety. As for the talk about changing security leadership positions, it is a fantasy, and we cannot speculate, and the whole issue is entrusted to the prime minister, who will also choose the ministers nominated by the political forces.”


Commenting on the difference in the framework on Abdul Latif Rashid and Barham, Al-Fatlawi explained, “The difference was positive, as it led to the withdrawal of the Democratic candidate from the competition for the position of president, and the political process needs flexibility to end the blockage.”


He concluded by saying, “The National Union is a key element in the coalition of state administration, and Paval Talabani is a key partner for the framework that cannot be abandoned, and all the demands that fall within the constitution will be resolved.”


The House of Representatives, in its session today, Thursday, elected Abdul Latif Rashid (of Kurdish nationalism) as President of the Republic after two rounds of secret ballots in front of his rival, former President Barham Salih, and the first won by 162 votes against 99 votes for the latter.


Today, the elected President of the Republic, Abdul Latif Rashid, commissioned the candidate of the most numerous parliamentary bloc (the Coordinating Framework) MP Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani to form the government.    LINK