Mnt Goat

Here we are one day from September 2016 already.

Iraq is moving at an exhilarated rate forward beyond my wildest dreams.

Yes- they have a target time frame for better security, better stability thus better days ahead.

I can hardly believe the news.

I was told by my contacts that we should now watch for the HCL.

So lo and behold what do we see in the recent news?

Article:  “Iraqi gov’t, Kurds to start talks on oil dispute

Quote: “The Iraqi government and the Kurdish regional authorities agreed to start talks to resolve a dispute on oil revenue-sharing that is holding back the nation’s crude exports, according to a statement from the Iraqi prime minister’s office.”

Recommitted work towards the finalization of the oil and gas law. Abadi and Jubouri are not going to stop until they get the draft oil and gas law ( or HCL), passed in parliament to become legal and a binding law.

All the news points in a positive direction…

Amazingly after almost 8 years finally we experienced the Amnesty law passed last week.

Now amazingly, another miracle is about to happen.

We will soon see the HCL passed.

Other laws too are on the agenda and coming soon.

So there is a deadline.

I know the target date and so we see the progress moving at a very rapid rate now.

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