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So once again, in less than a month, the flood gates opened pouring out  VERY GOOD news? WOW! Iraq adopted the White Paper last month of October 2020 for Economic Reform. There is no need for a vote in parliament. It is done! All this news today points in only one direction – Iraq is setting themselves up for international trade and to use their dinar. They are going to make their dinar very valuable once again as in the past. Oh – don’t forget the WTO is meeting with Iraq delegation again in early November (…this month!). Remember they said they were going to “fast-track” Iraq into the WTO. WOW! Iraq is moving to completing the project to delete the zeros VERY SOON and this leads to the reinstatement of the IQD. If you like to dance you may start now because this news today is dance worthy. I am dancing now…lol.