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I have some fantastic news for you about the reinstatement. I told everyone I was working on getting a legitimate new timeframe for the RV. So, now we have a new timeframe and it is very close at hand. What do we know. We know that Mahdi has until the end of June to “complete” his cabinet. It appears the end of June is the end of the current legislative term. Why is this important?  If all of this information is correct, we should be expecting something of a reinstatement and the completion of the “project to delete the zeros” by the end of June.

The CBI already told us they will NEVER put the (program rate) (currency auctions) on a float while it is on the de-facto peg with the US dollar. So, the only other conclusion we can make is they intend to reinstate the dinar and put it back on a float as all currencies are when they are on FOREX…  …the…articles tell…us they intended to raise the value of the dinar and get it to compete with the international currencies by the end of the current legislative term?…  I can hardly keep from jumping up and down…lol. June is almost half over already. So we have about 2 more weeks of expectations and excitement.