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Article: “HOW MUCH CURRENCY IS ALLOWED UNDER NEW RULES TO ENTER AND EXIT IRAQ?” Quote: “One of the decisions stipulates that “the entry and exit of amounts exceeding (1,000,000) (one million Iraqi dinars) are prohibited even if they have been declared, and the amount is withheld and legal proceedings are taken.” Oops, they spilled the beans in this last paragraph of the article. Now, why in hell would they be restricting 1 million dinars when this is only about $1,000 USD? They just told us anything below $10,000 USD is not restricted in an earlier paragraph. So why then tell us in a later paragraph that 1 million dinars are restricted when the equivalent exchange in only equal to $1,000 USD? To me, it should be acceptable if the rate was going to remain as it is today. Right? Am I missing something here? So maybe the rate is going to go to at least a buck or more. Get it? This is one of those revealing articles.