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Article: “AFTER COMING UNDER HEAVY CRITICISM … THE CENTRAL BANK STOPS THE CURRENCY AUCTION” This article does NOT say the currency auctions were stopped. Again a translation issue from Arabic to English. It only makes reference that CBI governor has “UNJUSTIFIED INSISTENCE TO PROCEED WITH THE FOREIGN CURRENCY AUCTION WINDOW DESPITE ALL THE LOSSES AND RISKS INCURRED BY THE ECONOMY IRAQI.” If you go to the CBI site you will witness first hand that the auctions DID NOT in fact end. So this too is more proof. …This means the CBI was incompetent in the administration of the auctions. This should be the CBI’s responsibility and NOT finance committee…Now there is talk today too about wanting to bringing back Mr. Sinan al-Shabibi to the CBI…  Article:  “MR. AL-KAZEMI: RESTORING CONSIDERATION TO MR. SINAN AL-SHABIBI TO HEAD CBI”.  This is of course, fantastic news, even to talk about it nonetheless do it. Let’s see…if al-Kazemi is really going to do it as he has the power…Will this happen?