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We know for a FACT that everything needed to roll out the Iraqi dinar to trade internationally has been completed, except the last final steps including:

-completing the process of the “project to delete the zeros”
-correspondingly changing the rate and monitoring it for inflation
-relief from US OPAC sanctions

-reinstating the dinar on the global currency exchanges.

Now with the unrest and destabilization of the country, I am skeptical if they can even complete the project to delete the zeros at this time. The news media has told us that the banks have emptied their vaults to the main CBI bank prior to the first demonstration for security purposes. They did this for fear the banks could be robbed in the process of the demonstrations. We know the smaller category notes had been already distributed in many of these banks, but not all of them. So these notes had been recalled. This distribution process will have to re-occur once security is obtained. All we can do as investors is sit tight and wait to see it all play out.