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Article: “UN EFFORTS TO PRESS THE GOVERNMENT TO ADOPT MAJOR REFORMS WITHIN THREE MONTHS TO FACE THE PROTESTS” Just so you know…stopping the currency auctions is one of these “major” reforms they are talking about [in] this article. They can give money to housing units that are unfinished and even improve roads, etc,, but this one they can’t escape. Seems so far, all the “reforms” they promised are like bribes just to shut the protesters up. Oh – but it’s not going to work this time.

This currency auctions reform is not going to go away either unless they address it and do it very soon. No – they don’t need the protesting to end prior to ending the currency auctions. All they need to so is continue with the project to delete the zeros, pop out the new promised rate and move forward with the reinstatement. Certainly pressure from the US is going to let them do it now.