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Al-Kazemi has become a very strong designate and this time parliament will move on voting (ratification) him as the new prime minister…they are moving quickly to get the new Iraqi Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi announced and the completion of forming the new government. The final voting process in parliament is a mere formality. The negotiations with the political blocs to agree on them is done before the speaker of the house will even bring it to a vote. …a parliamentary source suggested that the parliament would convene NEXT WEEK to vote on the cabinet of Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi. So this madness of selecting a new Pm could end next week and Iraq could finally get down to rebuilding its economy and country.

I want everyone to know that there is no “magic wand” that is going to wave after the government is finally formed, that will bring us the reinstatement… there are still lots of ‘ifs”…I also have to say these larger notes are getting worn out once again.  The citizens are complaining and want fresher notes. Actually, they want the lower denominations and hopes of getting the currency of the past once again. So, this “project to delete the zeros” is still on the table and pressure to get it done might (I said might) bring us the reinstatement earlier than expected, but at a more gradual rate and maybe not pop out at the over $3.00+ but rather maybe just under $1.00.