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So the prospects of an RV sooner than later are good. I want everyone to know I do not mean that as soon at the government is announced they are going to RV… What do we see now that is different than last week: 1)  Iraq should form their government this week, This should bring a sense of stability and security;  2)  Iranian influence is at an all time low…This is mandated prior to any reinstatement;  3)  Al-Kazimi promises to open up the corruption files meaning they could actually finally go after Nori al-Maliki and his gang of thugs… 4)  Iraq has finally managed to cut off funding to Iran via the currency auctions…through sourcing dollars now only via electronic means. This allows transparency and audits of exactly where all the money is going. So they are now abiding by US sanctions on Iran.

5) Oil is on the rise, clocking in today [Tuesday] at about $30 a barrel and the day is not yet over; 6)  China wants desperately to get their stronghold inside Iraq and invest with their billions of Chinese funds and get their guaranteed oil. They want to do this in 2020 not years down the road; 7)  Corona virus is at a decline in Iraq, as they shut down the borders with Iran and are keeping them shut, for now. 8)  The CBI is already geared up to replace the larger notes with the smaller denominations. This project is huge and is the “project to delete the zeros”…this…will lead us to the reinstatement on FOREX as the global rate. We are NOT going to be allowed to exchange our dinar at the banks unless two things happen: a) the IQD is reinstated back on FOREX and b) Sanctions are lifted on the currency (probably will happen at the same time).

So sooner than later may mean Jan 2021 or by some miracle we might see something this summer even. …remember there is NEVER going to be an ideal time or perfect time when Iraq is going to be a model country. …It seems for now that the finance committee and the CBI are on the same page for this to occur. For Iraq to go anywhere on the global marketplace it must have a globally recognized currency. I don’t even care what rate they initially come out as…Just get the damned rate back on FOREX and let the free market take it from there.