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So, we see in today’s news yet more arguments about whether to float the dinar or not. Floating the dinar is bad, but ONLY if floating is kept on the program rate and not reinstated for global trading. This is coming from the CBI not me, just so you know. So we see lots of arguments for pro and con on this subject matter but remember again they are talking about program rate only with the confines of the CBI and not on FOREX which is  international. Will they reinstate international and then float the currency like they need to do? We know this has been the plan all along to float the IQD on FOREX. The IMF has already told us of the future plan to reinstate and put the IQD in a “basket of currencies”.

We know for a FACT that if they had already accomplished this event back in 2013 or sooner…they might not be this financial mess they are in…reinstating their currency on FOREX is the cure all for Iraq’s economic problems…But having reinstated the IQD with a sound monetary policy would have helped to avoid these problems that they are now facing…They seem to be slowly leaning towards this decision… and  I believe that they have already come to the conclusion they must revalue and reinstate the currency and do it prior to the July salaries coming due…We have a really good opportunity to see the reinstatement sometime in June of this year not Jan 2021…What is left now is to wait for something from the CBI and I will be totally convinced they are moving ahead and actually plan to do it this time.