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Article: “GOVERNMENTAL ADVISOR: 5 TRILLION DINARS, THE GOVERNMENT’S NEED TO SECURE SALARIES FOR NEXT JUNE” This article…is telling us a couple things: 1) the amount of monthly $ they need for salaries (5 trillion dinars or about 4 billion dollars); 2) they are in desperate need of money and so what will they do for the June salaries? Will they borrow again? 3) will they resort to using the CBI reserves eventually? 4) they will have to do something drastic and do it soon since the price of oil is not going to jump to $60 a barrel for a long time; 5) this situation is causing great pressure to make the necessary changes for other sources of revenue and not rely on oil revenues, something they should have done already by now and the IMF kept telling them to do it. I can see many benefits for us with the drop in oil prices too as investors. Can you see what might come next?