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From the Central Bank we are still hearing all very good news in the effort to go international so Iraq can tap into these secondary markets with investors.  But what will these investors invest in?  So, we see the dilemma again in not having a marketable currency within the global exchanges.  By not having a viable currency this impacts the ability of the ISX investors, to issue more bonds, to pay debts and incentives for investors to want to flock to Iraq. Oh – but now suddenly we see investors beginning to come in.  Why? I believe they know of the plan to globalize the economy thus have a viable currency and have it very soon.

There is much more going on than the Iraqi news media is telling us. The CBI is being very sneaky. I believe we are at the cusp of the end of this long-awaited payoff of our investment. This is of course not investment advice in anyway and just my opinion based on all the information I am now hearing. We know the central bank still has to educate the citizens again and so this will be our sure que as to the status of the “project to delete the zeros”. Yes, we are moving ahead but we still need a final confirmation. Will the CBI give it to us soon?