Mnt Goat

Question: When will the 3 Zeros be DELETED? The CBI will only complete the project to delete the zeros until the CBI and the finance committee can come together on an agreement as to when to do it. Then we hope nothing changes their mind in the meantime since scheduled. We are not waiting for the economy to take off or for reconstruction to first happen. I know for a FACT that the reinstatement is part of the condition by the IMF to release reconstruction funds. This was a plan from 2018-2022 so it already late. They need to know that the funds are secure and will be used for this purpose. This is what makes this past May 2018 election so important. Investors and the IMF want technocratic cabinet members who are honestly going to move Iraq forward. No more playing games. They don’t care how long it takes. They will not budge until the government is fully formed and Iran is out of the politics to a point they can no longer harm the process.