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Article: “THE CENTRAL BANK LENDS AL-KAZEMI’S GOVERNMENT 8 TRILLION DINARS” oh oh what does this mean? No RV this year? So they did it. They managed to get the money they needed to extend this madness to the end of the year. This to me…means that they DO NOT intend to reinstate the dinar until early next year. They are buying time with these loans. This is all they are doing…But the good news is this – if they have all this new debt and so how can they repay it all if oil prices do not rise by the end of the year to vear 60/barrel? Even then they still have to pay salaries and retirees and on top of that have money to rebuild? So you see sometimes when the news looks really gloomy, there is always another side to it. Yes, we may not get what we want now but Christmas is coming and it might be really nice this year…just saying.