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Where do we stand with the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar? It is the CBI that has to initiate the process from the top and then the US and the IMF that must go through the signoff process to allow them to go ahead. …Let us all take a deep breath and just relax. The CBI is still contemplating the “project to delete the zeros” and this is a FACT. I have heard the CBI has ordered the printing of much more of the new 100 dinar notes. We know these notes were previously printed but not in sufficient quantities. So why print more now if not planning something? Why are these 100 notes important? …remember there is preparation to reinstate as the revaluation within Iraq comes first and the coins and these notes must be launched at about the same time or just prior. So, we look for signs and we know these 100 notes and coins are important steps in the process.