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Welcome to September and still no RV…I have told everyone not to expect it until the CBI gives us indication of working on the project to “delete the zeros”. It is ONLY through this project that the inevitable REINSTATEMENT of the dinar on the global currency exchanges can happen. …I also know that this timing is being tied to the rollout of the new Quantum Financial System or QFS…which is an advanced financial system launched to eradicate the corruption and the  monopoly on the global monetary system and for that purpose, a computer system was developed in the early part of the new millennium comprised of Artificial Intelligence and complex computer programs fully backed by the IMF and regulatory agencies.

So, are we waiting for the QFS to see the IQD reinstatement? Folks the QFS is here already and so we know the Iraq dinar has not been reinstated already. However, I hear that we were waiting for the timeline (targeted date) for the implementation of the Iraq in the QFS and it is coming very shortly. …Countries are set to finally begin rolling into the QFS beginning this month of September 2020…The US is expected to target a September 9 or 10th implementation to the QFS. Iraq will probably follow in January 2021 (as I am hearing from the CBI)…the Vietnam Dong revaluation is dependent on China and it willingness to go along with the plan.